Natural dye fabrics – cold dyeing technique

Hi everyone and welcome to my site, i am gonna make a series of blog post about natural dying. I am not sure yet how much there will because my head is so full of ideas. But i will try to add one every week. 

Dyeing techniques

At first we are gonna discuss the different kind of dyeing technique, in this first blog we are gonna discuss the cold dyeing technique.

The next blog will go over Hot dyeing, and the last method we are gonna discuss is the all in one method. 

The cold dyeing technique

Cold dyeing doesn’t work with all natural dyes, but it is worthwhile to test what the dye will do without heat. With natural dyeing it is always an experiment to see what happens!

This technique can be applied to animal en vegetable fibers.

Before you start this technique be sure that your fibers are thoroughly wetted, this can be achieved by letting the fibers sit in a pot of water for 1 a 2 hours.

Vegetable fibers respond the best to be dyed at room temperature, and bright colors can be achieved using this method. To dye the fibers, let it sit in the pot with dye for several days, until the desired color is archieved. 

Most of the animal fibers respond well to the cool dyeing technique, and it is the best way for dyeing lustrous silk, and also wool etc tend to felt a bit when heat is applied. 

Its always an experiment when it comes to dyeing concentration, but with cool dyeing it is best to always use a very strong concentration, so this means more plant dyestuff and less water. 


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