How to add the yoga waist to Lana harem

To add a yoga waistband to the Lana Harem pants, follow this tutorial.

Cut the waist according to the following sizes.

10 y54 cm14 cm
9 y53 cm14 cm
8 y52 cm14 cm
7 y51 cm15 cm
6 y49,5 cm15 cm
5 y48 cm15 cm
4 y47 cm16 cm
3 y46 cm16 cm
2 y44,5 cm16 cm
12-18 m42 cm16 cm

Fold the fabric double and sew the small side. Use a zigzag of stretch stitch.

Fold the fabric inside out and double like on the photo.

Clip the waist to the pants and divide evenly, clip or pin together. 

Sew across the waist with a zigzag or stretch stitch. 


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