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Unleashing Creativity: The Art of Custom Fitting Sewing Patterns

In the world of sewing, there’s a magical moment when fabric transforms into a garment, and that magic is amplified when the garment fits like it was made for you—because it was! Custom fitting sewing patterns is an art that not only elevates your creations but also empowers you to embrace your unique shape and […]

Puk jacket video tutorial

Need some extra visual help with the Puck jacket? Than follow our video tutorials now. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5  

Free social planner

So are you tired always having to think what you need to post again, or do you need to find consistency to your social posts?  Than you can use this free social planner to get more insight in your socials! 

Free sewing planner

So im always thinking in how to improve things.. And this is one thing that came out that i think can help a little!  I made this little year planner which you can fill in on your own. So you have 12 pages each page is a month. But you can insert your own year […]